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Meiko Tailor Facebook

A well-tailored suit is essential and should be in the wardrobe of every man. Every girl loves a well-dressed man and wearing a tailored suit to your physique fits just like a glove.

You don’t have to wait until it is your wedding day to get a tailored suit. A suit can be worn for any occasion and having one good looking one is good enough to boost your confidence.

You might wonder where to get your suits tailor-made in Singapore?

When getting your suit tailor-made, you must, of course, seek the best and most experienced tailor you can find. A bespoke suit should be made by the hands of a bespoke tailor.

Lucky enough, Singapore has Meiko Tailor, one of the pioneers of bespoke tailors and was founded in the 1970s by Master Tailor Uncle Chung.

You will probably wonder, why choose Meiko Tailor?

With decades of experience in bespoke tailoring, Master Tailor Uncle Chung has mastered the skills of crafting suits for almost 50 years! Not to mention, having a business running for that long just gives Meiko Tailor the credibility and reliability to ensure you get the best-tailored suits ever. Did we also mention, Meiko Tailor has been running its business in the same location since 1986? And where is the location? It’s in none other the prestigious and esteemed Pan Pacific Hotel. Meiko Tailor is conveniently located on the second floor of Pan Pacific Hotel, which is right beside Promenade MRT. Very easy to get to and spot.

They have not moved since parking themselves there and being able to maintain and sustain its location in such a reputable location just justifies Meiko Tailor’s trustworthiness and validity.

Meiko Tailor does not outsource their production elsewhere. Everything is in-house production and manufacturing. Master Tailor Uncle Chung wants to ensure that your bespoke suit is hand-made with quality control and consistent and also to guarantee that your suits will be done on time.

If you’re concerned that Meiko Tailor would be old-fashioned and not really trendy, just because of Master Tailor Uncle Chung’s seniority, allow us to inform you that his daughter, Adele, has joined the family business!

Meiko Tailor FacebookAdele is a trained image consultant and is up-to-date with fashion trends and styles. So, don’t you worry about wearing old-fashioned suits that look like a hand-me-down from your father. With Adele’s advice, you’d get the best suit fitted for you and your preference. Also, Adele will be honest with you rather than agreeing and nodding to your bad choices. Be open to accept good advice and suggestions from Meiko Tailor, because, they ARE the experts.

Meiko Tailor will be able to provide you with the best suits because they have a variety of fabrics to choose from. Whatever you want your suit to be, they have your back.

Be assured that your suits made by the bespoke Master Tailor Uncle Chung will last for years. The handwork and topped with premium fabrics will ensure your suits will last a lifetime. In fact, you can also bring in your suits made from Meiko Tailor to get altered.

So, if you’re looking for a good tailor with quality suits for a big day or event, you know where to go to!

Meiko Tailor’s location:




TEL: +65 6334 6911

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